The world of photography has been my passion for over 30 years now, and I’ve built a successful career in the field for the past 25 years. I am from Germany, and studied Photography Design at the Munich Academy of Photography. It was there that I mastered the fundamentals of my craft and honed an extensive array of techniques with a specialization in architecture and action photography. I am drawn to subjects ranging from motorcycles to nature to structures that have a story to tell - and my mission is to “make the invisible visible.”

In 2014, I relocated to New York City and set up base there, but I often travel back and forth to Germany (and all over the globe) to meet with clients and scout new projects. My preferred medium is 4” x 5” Black & White sheet film. Over the years, and with the advances in technology, I’ve introduced into my work the influence of digitalization.

I find my inspiration from my surroundings, my friends, cinema, and structural details that draw me in. I believe this explains my process, which is largely organic. I don’t set out looking for a picture to take. Depending on my mood and circumstances, I set about creating an atmosphere of possibility that allows the picture to find me.

My goal and hopes for the future revolve around my desire to go “back to basics” and grow my already extensive analog photography portfolio.